On that day!

This September 11th marks the Anniversary of 9/11. For most of us, our only connection to the events of 9/11 was what we saw on television. In this poignant video we see how the event connected us in more ways than we realize, and learn how faith, hope, and love can help us reconcile and…

Hurting Helpline

This is a lighthearted skit- a radio call in show, featuring Tommy’s many (and sometimes strange) personalities, about using God’s phone number, Jeremiah 33:3, when we’re hurting. If nothing else- Eddie cannot seem to keep a straight face! CLICK HERE to watch video


Your gathered communities are filled with people who are distracted, hopeful, tired, restless, and in pain. Many are carrying the weight of the world. And in that setting, the opportunity is ripe for an invitation to turn toward the face of Jesus.  CLICK HERE to watch video

Hurts, habits, hangups

Hurts, hang-ups, and habits. We all have them, but do we know how to let them go? The Skit Guys take you down a hilarious road with the 3 H’s, allowing CR groups and congregations to look at their own lives and come to grips with the things they need to let go and let…

The Potter’s Hands

We are like clay, pliable, movable…moldable. In the hands of the Creator, we can be changed, made beautiful…given life. The formless takes shape.The unrecognizable finds its identity.The meaningless is given purpose. From nothing…comes beauty. We are like clay. Each piece different than the next, given unlimited potential…In the hands of the Potter. CLICK HERE to…