Graduation is a big milestone. This short shows graduates thanking all the people who have shaped their lives and given them a vision for who they can become. CLICK HERE

Mother’s Day

The Skit Guys deliver a special Mother’s Day message, but Tommy gets a little carried away in song. CLICK HERE to watch video by Skit Guys

Real Housewives

Our good deeds for God should be done only for him and not to receive praise from others. This humorous parody of the Real Housewives exaggerates how this can go wrong when we look for praise from others rather than from God.  CLICK HERE to watch the video

He is Risen!

Last week we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior. We stood in awe of a Redeemer who has defeated sin, conquered death and changed our eternity. Now the work of the Church begins. It’s our time to share Jesus with those around us. To let them know they are loved. To show them there is…

The Old Rugged Cross

The image of the cross is a powerful reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice and the salvation His death brings to all. This beautiful video is a new take on the iconic hymn, and brings our focus to Jesus and, ultimately, God’s promise to us.  CLICK HERE to watch the Good Friday video by the Skit Guys