Season of Thanksgiving

We all need a reminder of what’s important in life and what we should truly be thankful for. In this funny video, watch two friends endure a tough workout together as they discuss gratitude. CLICK HERE to watch the video by the Skit Guys

Getting Left Behind

The life of Henry Lovegood was simple. There was a routine and Henry loved routines. Wake up. Shower. Prepare breakfast. Read a bit. Drive to Church. Until it wasn’t. Watch as Henry Lovegood’s life is turned upside down by forgetting to set his clocks back one hour. CLICK HERE to watch video by the Skit…

The time is near

Ever wish you could turn back time and take back an unfortunate choice you made? This hilarious take on Daylight Saving Time shows what it would be like if you could turn the clock back an hour and avoid that misstep. It’s a perfect reminder for people to “fall back.” (November 3) CLICK HERE to…

A Test of Tithing

As a dad gives his daughter a practical lesson on tithing, he explains what it means and why it matters to give back to God. CLICK HERE to watch the video