The word on Love

There’s a different way to look at love, beyond words, sentiment, or a single day. Jesus showed us the most meaningful way to express love to people in our world. CLICK HERE to watch the video by the Skit Guys

Romans 8

In this video, Romans 8:38 takes on a bit of a “who’s on first” interaction as Tommy and Eddie discuss the “nothing” that can separate us from the love of God. It’s a perfect way to set up a message or discussion on the passage, or to simply remind people that nothing they do will…


Tommy and Eddie are back to give you four nuggets of wisdom for the New Year. Well, that and Tommy really just wants to discover the meaning of “gluten.”  CLICK HERE to watch their video

One Day at a Time

This New Year, what would happen if each of us focused on being intentional every day? How would your life (and our world) look if you made a point to look to God, love others, and care for yourself? CLICK HERE to watch the video by the Skit Guys

Away in a Manger

As a Shepherd sits by a fire outside the stable, he remembers something his father told him as a young boy, prompting him to search for God’s peace all his life. When he’s visited by an angel announcing the Savior’s birth, he realizes his search is complete. CLICK HERE to watch the video by the…