About Us


The Eden Foundation of Kentucky is a non profit 501(c)3 organization aimed at guiding hearts and minds to the intimate love of God. We are a public charity foundation, which means our funding comes from many sources, such as your generous donations, not from one main source. We hope to someday have the financial resources to award grants to other non-profit organizations which communicate, through technological means (such as this site) the intimate love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This is the love that people desperately need to experience.  We at Eden will use this web site to present articles, videos, testimonies and other media formats to, not only inform and entertain, but hopefully touch your minds and hearts.  In so doing we want to help you experience the love of the Lord who deeply wants you to come to know him and live for him in a more faith-filled life.  We are Catholics here at Eden but we respect all faith expressions in the Lord.  If there is any way we can better help you through your day, please let us know.  We are new at this type of venture, so throw a prayer our way from time to time.  And of course, your financial support (which is tax-deductible) is always needed and welcomed.  Thanks for visiting us and have a blessed day!

The Foundation Team


 The Garden of Eden was the first experience our ancestors had of the intimacy of God.