Preparing for Mass

October 13, 2019 by Deacon Michael Houtchen

Gospel Luke 17:11-19

As Jesus continued his journey to Jerusalem, he traveled through Samaria and Galilee.

As he was entering a village, ten lepers met him.  They stood at a distance from him and raised their voices, saying, “Jesus, Master!  Have pity on us!”  And when he saw them, he said,

“Go show yourselves to the priests.”  As they were going they were cleansed.  And one of them, realizing he had been healed, returned, glorifying God in a loud voice; and he fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him.  He was a Samaritan.  Jesus said in reply, “Ten were cleansed, were they not?  Where are the other nine?  Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?”

Then he said to him, “Stand up and go; your faith has saved you.”  

Were you the one?

Were you the one who came back?  There where ten lepers who were healed.  They all went off to show the priests they were healed.  That way, they would be allowed back into the community.  They would not be outcasts.  To my knowledge, no one stopped to say thanks to Jesus, except for the one.  Were you that one?  When was the last time you took a moment to thank Jesus for all he’s done for you?  We, myself included, tend to go to Jesus only when we have a need. 

We all like to be thanked when we’ve done something for someone.  Should Jesus be any different?  I try to begin my day with a simple prayer of thanks.  It goes something like this: thank you Jesus for watching over me through the night.  As I said, it’s a simple little prayer, but it comes from the heart.  There’s so much we can be thankful for.  So many things we take for granted.  Take a few minutes today to talk to Jesus and thank him for what he’s done for you.  Say each thing you’re thankful for out loud.  Give yourself plenty of time.  With so much to be thankful for, it should take a while.