Imagine having no concept of life outside of the town in which you grew up. You live before technology enabled sightseeing from the comfort of the couch and before travel became almost as quick as it is common. How would seeing Niagara Falls for the first time, or the Northern Lights, be a different experience? The sense of wonder felt would be incredible, unsurpassed by anything ever encountered before.

Damaged by the Digital Age

Our natural inclination to wonder at amazing sights, however, has been damaged by a digital age. Photographs from around the world are everywhere; without leaving his home a child can know what the Grand Canyon at one end of the world and the Great Wall of China at the other end look like. Of course, the pictures are nothing compared to the actual sights, but the expectations from a postcard or photo online often diminish the natural wonder that would have been so much greater if the beauty was unexpected.