Catholic Masculinity: How Men Can Grow in Holiness (Part 1)

God created you as a man. He created you as a son. He desires your heart, soul, and strength. Above all else, He calls you to embrace your identify as child of the Father, as coheir with the Son, and empowered by the Spirit. He calls you to be set apart from the world. This is what holiness: being consecrated or set apart. As men, how can we grow in holiness?

This first part of a two part series will focus on what you can do personally to grow in holiness, rooted in prayer and the Sacraments.  In part two, we will explore virtue, grace, and community.

Catholic Manhood

First, we have to understand manhood. Manhood is in crisis in our modern world. Man and woman were created different to be complements of the other.   (complete article)