It’s OK

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book It’s Ok to Start with You by Mind & Spirit contributor Julia Hogan. Published by Our Sunday Visitor, Inc

Chapter 1: What’s Really Going On

When Jeffrey came into my office, he appeared to be on a path to success. He was well-spoken, dressed impeccably in a coordinating dress shirt and tie, was well-organized, and projected an air of confidence. He had recently made a career change and had started working for a nonprofit. Fueled by a passion for serving others, Jeffrey threw himself into his work from the moment he started his job. He booked his days full with meetings and projects and stayed up late to answer emails, return phone calls, and plan for the next day. His dedication was admired by his coworkers and bosses.

To the outside observer, Jeffrey seemed to have his life under control. But under the put-together image was another story.

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