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Day to day life is the perfect opportunity for self-growth.

We tend to measure our lives in terms of milestone events such as graduation, marriage, job promotions, the birth of children, moving, health-related events, and the passing of people we love. We often reflect on how those milestone events have affected us, how we’ve changed since then, or how they motivated us to seek change. We also often use upcoming milestones as a sort of deadline for personal growth goals we may have or indicators of our happiness. For example, you may tell yourself that you will be happy once you’ve lost a certain amount of weight, once you’ve gotten that promotion you’re working long hours for, or once you’ve gotten married and have children.

While it’s true that your life will likely be enriched by these events (e.g. you’ll likely have more energy and sleep better if you lose a healthy amount of weight; having a healthy relationship and children will likely provide meaning to your life, etc.), you risk putting your life on hold in between these abstract milestones in your life. When this happens, it can feel like life is just one giant waiting room where you are passing the time until your next big moment.

Biding Your Time

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