The Lord’s Day

Sunday, the Lord’s day, is to be a day of rest and renewal. We all know that is easier said than done. This posting will focus on the renewal part more than the rest part given our hectic lifestyles. I directed a middle school camp for seventeen years. One of the basic elements of the camp was called “processing.” This was an effort to get the kids to “connect the dots” in their lives. Asking questions like “how does climbing this wall remind you of difficulties in school, or your relationships, or your home life?” we tried to get them to learn life lessons through connections. And we added the God-element as well. “How is our relationship with God like shooting a bow and arrow?” If they could find God in their camp experiences, they had a better chance of finding him in their lives back home. Think about it for a moment. As adults, if we do not process our daily experiences, how will we ever hope to find the hand of a loving God directing a beautiful plan for our lives? We have to connect the dots. When we do this, we will have more peace and therefore more rest and renewal. Why? Because there is a plan for our lives and it is unfolding. We can work with that plan or work against it – like swimming upstream. This posting will mainly be provoking questions. Processing questions if you will. I hope it helps.

lords day questions for november 20th

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