Partner with us

Partner with us in touching minds and hearts with the intimate love of God. You can do that in two ways. FIRSTLY: you can share with us your stories of the way the Lord has touched your life with his love and grace. Here at Eden, we believe evangelization is first and foremost the sharing of stories. Stories that touch hearts and minds are vehicles of God’s love and grace. Others are touched by reading of how you have been touched. We will share your stories with others through our web site. Email us at SECONDLY: the Eden Foundation is a public charity foundation relying solely on your generous donations. Some day we hope to have enough funding to provide grant money to other non-profits that pursue evangelization efforts through technology such as this web site. At the moment, our costs are mainly administrative. But we need your help to maintain and grow. If you are touched by our efforts, help us with a contribution. You can donate through this site by clicking on the button in the menu above. We are a 501(c)3 organization designated so by the IRS and we will provide a copy of this designation upon request (PDF format). All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for partnering with us and may you be touched in a powerful way today with the intimate love of the Lord.