Mission Mindedness

This is a continuation of the information about the school in Salagnac, Haiti; the story that was begun last week under this post.


“Currently, we are running our school with a staff consisting of nine teachers, three teacher’s aides, an Administrator, a dean, a program director, and a receptionist. We also have three cooks and a helper who prepare meals that are served to the students and staff members. As we add more grade levels. We will be hiring additional teachers as needed. All of the individuals working with our children and providing instructions are certified in elementary school education. We also require them to complete an internal teacher training program prior to starting the job. We will fund required annual continuing education training program for the instructors.


The academic programs that are offered are available to any child who lives in the area at no charge. Initially, the goal was to have one class of 30 students for each grade level, which we have already reached. However, in the future an additional classroom will be added for each grade to accommodate the long waiting list. The primary focus of our school is to provide opportunities to those children who otherwise would not be able to attend school. We will then be filling all additional spaces on a first come, first served basis.


We are providing school supplies and all other necessary equipment for the children to be successful. The parents are responsible for the school uniforms; however, we do provide uniforms to the children whose parents cannot afford them. Every day our students receive a healthy and nutritious lunch. Beginning 2013-2014 school year, breakfast will be provided. We also celebrate birthdays of students and teachers each month by holding one big birthday party. This has become very popular since for most, it’s the first time they are learning of when they were born.”


(Editor’s note: the meal the school provides is sometimes the only meal of the day that the children receive. And the teachers are provided only $100 a month as compensation.)